Cultivate a Taste for the Bible.



     Unless the mind is used, it will cease to expand; unless the taste is cultivated to love the Bible, it will cease to relish the truths of God's Word. The student can see only to the depth of what he has explored, and he cannot appreciate that which lies beyond the compass of his own narrow boundaries. But his very ignorance will make him conceited, talkative, and boastful. 

     What can I say to you, young men and young women, to arouse you to vigor in your efforts to overcome obstacles? Mental effort will become easier and more satisfactory as you put yourselves to the task of understanding the deep things of God. You should each decide that you will not be a second-class student, that you will not allow others to think for you. You should say, "That which other minds have acquired in the sciences and in the Word of God, I will obtain for myself through painstaking effort." You can rally the mind's best powers, and with a sense of your accountability to God, you can do your best, and you will not cease to advance, and to conquer difficulties.  

     Do not settle down in slothful ease, making no special effort to accomplish your work. Make a choice of some part in the large vineyard of the Master, and do a work that will require the exercise of tact and talent. As much as possible, place yourselves in the society of those who are intellectual, who will be able to detect your mistakes, and to put you on your guard against indolence, pretension, and surface work. A blusterer will be recognized and set down for just what he is worth and no more.

DG 79.3